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Evgenia Ermilova™ brand materials

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Evgenia Ermilova™ texture pastes allow you to create magnificent decor items with three-dimensional flowers and other elements up to 5 cm high

After drying, the plaster for sculptural painting (texture paste) is as strong as a stone. It will not crack or break when transporting your work of art to the buyer.

Draw complex three-dimensional patterns and ornaments without stencils with a special texture paste "Reliefka"

Currently, I produce and sell materials for sculptural painting and other decoration techniques under my own brand Evgenia Ermilova™. Materials are produced in Russia and exported to 26 countries of the World. They have all the necessary quality certificates. You can buy Evgenia Ermilova™ brand materials in the "Catalog" section. Now let's get to know them in more detail.

Рlaster for sculpture painting

Acrylic material for creating three-dimensional elements in the technique of sculptural painting (and not only). As an artist, I mainly create flowers. How? - look at the video. However, my students successfully paint other objects with plaster: birds, butterflies, fish, people, trees, animals, buildings, etc. The plaster has very good adhesion to solid substrates and can be used in any kind of art that uses pastes and compounds to create a 3D effect.

Plaster for sculptural painting is packed in convenient and photogenic jars from 200 to 900 grams. Sold in both white and color. A total of 55 colors are available, by mixing which you can achieve any desired shade.

After drying, it acquires the hardness of a stone. Completely ready for use. You do not need to add anything, or otherwise prepare the material for work. Sat down, opened the jar and you can proceed. The material is stored for up to 2 years, provided that you tightly close the jar after work. Dry outdoors. You can also use a hair dryer to dry. At present, the volume of Evgenia Ermilova™ plaster elements for sculptural painting can reach 5 cm.

Texture paste (plaster) for relief ornament "Reliefka"

Acrylic material for drawing volumetric ornaments. You can look at the video how I do it. In addition to drawing ornaments, this material can be used to create flower stems, subtle elements of drawings.

The plaster is packed in convenient tubes, from which it is convenient to squeeze it out, weighing 180 grams and 1 kg. Available in 55 shades, the same as the stucco for sculpture painting, so you can match the colors you want.

The height of the pattern can reach 1 cm. The plaster dries in the air, you do not need to use a hair dryer. Doesn't crack. Good adhesion to any solid porous substrate (wood, plywood, mdf, concrete, etc.). It is not necessary to prime the surface.

Evgenia Ermilova™ pallet knives

We had two ideas when we started producing our own brand of palette knives: 1. To create the best tools that are ideal for the "sculptural painting" technique and 2. To make them photogenic so that our customers can not only create with them, but also create impressive content for your social networks. That is why Evgenia Ermilova™ palette knives are a combination of excellent flexibility and elasticity of the metal working part, shapes and sizes that are ideal for sculptural painting and great style. White handle, stylish black logo make them indispensable for artistic content photo shoots.

There are 17 types of palette knives available, which you can buy in Product Catalog. You can also purchase sets of palette knives in a stylish and comfortable textile case.

Patinating compositions

Special one-component compositions for patination. Available in two finishes: Mud Patina and Soot Patina. Unlike bituminous varnish, they do not have an unpleasant specific smell. They dry for a long time, so you can process a fairly large area at a time. You can look at the video about how to work with compositions. It is removed with a napkin or a slightly damp sponge.

"Invisible" varnish

Special acrylic matte varnish for plaster. Unlike other acrylic varnishes, it does not give a "snotty" effect and is practically invisible when applied in one layer. Gives the work a finished, "expensive" look. Reliably protects products with decor made of decorative plaster from moisture and dust. It does not have a specific smell and is diluted with water. Does not turn yellow. Packed in a convenient jar of 300 grams, which is enough for several large jobs. Stored up to 2 years.

I recommend covering decorative plaster decor with "Invisible" varnish, so that nothing will happen to your work in rooms with high humidity or in a humid climate.

Products are safe and certified

All products of the Evgenia Ermilova™ brand are registered under the laws of the Russian Federation and the European Union, conform to the sanitary and hygienic standards adopted in the states of the Eurasian Economic Union. The production is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management standard. The trade mark Evgenia Ermilova™ is officially registered. The copyright for Evgenia Ermilova's video course on sculptural painting is registered by the Russian Copyright Society "Copyrus" ISBN: 978-5-4472-8980-5. Artist Evgenia Ermilova is registered in the International Register of Artists, Writers and Musicians International Standard Name Identifier, ISNI 0000 0004 8353 7486

License for educational activities No. L035-01218-23/00620361

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