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How can an artist protect her photos?

How can an artist protect her photos?

How can an artist protect her photos?

A student of our school of sculptural painting is faced with the fact that photos of her paintings are walking on the Internet without specifying the source and author. You need to understand: if you once posted something on the World Wide Web, you can't bring it back. Therefore, we urge our students and our readers to protect their intellectual property BEFORE sharing it. How to do it? One of the easiest ways is to apply the author's logo or inscription.

If your photo and video content is with your personal logo, they will not be able to pass it off as their own, and if necessary, you will be able to prove your authorship.

The author's protective inscription on the photo. Examples

1.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg 3.jpg
The author of the photo is Evgenia Ermilova

What should I pay attention to?

▪️The inscription should be noticeable, but not too conspicuous, so as not to spoil the overall impression of the photo or video.

▪️The inscription should be placed in such a place that it cannot be easily cut off. For example, if you make a square format out of a vertical photo. But it is not necessary to place the inscription in the very middle, overlapping the picture itself in a photo or video.

▪️It is ideal if the color of the inscription will match the main shades of the photo or have a transparency effect.

▪️You can be creative and play with the location of the inscription. Where the picture in the frame is located at an angle - make an inscription diagonally, where the picture has round elements - make an inscription along the same radius. This creates a unified harmony in the composition of the photo.

The author's logo on the photo. Examples

A more complicated option is to create a personal logo in png format. The logo can be made by yourself or ordered fr om a professional designer. Here you can already show imagination and make the logo interesting. It is convenient that once a logo is made in png format, then you can add it to photos and videos for many years until you get bored. To apply such a logo to a photo or video, you will need photo and video editing programs.

Лого 1.jpg Лого 2.jpg Лого 3.jpg лого 4.jpg
The author of the photo is Evgenia Ermilova

We will not specifically indicate which programs for superimposing inscriptions and logos we use, so as not to lim it you. Now there is a huge selection of paid and free photo editors and video editing applications. Some programs are suitable for those who like to work exclusively on a computer. And others are needed by those who do everything at once on the phone. Start from what is convenient for you. 

Do I always need to use photo or video protection? Sometimes the author's inscription is not needed. For example, as for the photo below. Can you guess why?

The author of the photo is Evgenia Ermilova

Please note that we do not recommend protecting your photos and videos with watermarks!

A watermark is a semi—transparent image or an inscription on top of an image. Usually a watermark is applied to protect the photo itself from misuse. Watermarks are positioned so as to cover the entire composition of the frame. For example, this is relevant to photographers who sell their author's photos. Watermarks can spoil the aesthetics of a photo and its overall perception. Whether to use this method or not is up to you.

Example, if a sculptural artist used a watermark on a photo

Елена Домашкина1.jpg Елена Домашкина 2.jpg
The author of the photo is a certified teacher of sculptural painting Elena Domashkina. The photo on the left uses the author's logo, the photo on the right shows an example of what a photo with a watermark looks like as protection.

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