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How to take care of paintings made of texture paste?

How to take care of paintings made of texture paste?

How to take care of paintings made of texture paste?

Paintings in the technique of sculptural painting made of texture paste Evgenia Ermilova™ are very durable if the work is done in compliance with the rules of technique. We conducted a lot of crash tests, where we threw paintings from a height, stood on them, lowered them into the pool, etc. The flowers remained intact or received minimal damage!

But even very durable paintings need protection from external influences: moisture, dust and ultraviolet. After all, water, dust and the sun can change even rocks with prolonged exposure! Therefore, the first point of care for three-dimensional paintings is the application of a finishing coating.

1. Finish coating

We recommend applying a finishing coat to completely dried paintings made of Evgenia Ermilova™ texture paste. The colorless matte varnish "Invisible" Evgenia Ermilova™ is ideal for this. 1-2 layers are enough. It does not create an unpleasant sticky sheen that appears from glossy varnishes. Evgenia Ermilova™ varnish becomes completely invisible after drying, fills the pores of the paste elements and creates a transparent film. This protects against moisture, dust and UV.

(!) If you are not the author of the painting, but purchase it to order, then check with the artist of sculptural painting whether the finish varnish was applied.

Three-dimensional paintings, like all other surfaces in the house, collect dust during operation. There is a misconception that three-dimensional paintings collect a lot of dust. That's not so. Paintings in the technique of sculptural painting collect dust no more than other objects in the house. And the finishing varnish protects the paintings, including from dust. Less dust settles on paintings covered with varnish. The next point of care for three—dimensional paintings is cleaning as needed.

№2. Dust removal

It is enough to remove dust from the paintings as needed. One is enough to do it once a week during the scheduled cleaning, the other - once a month during the general. Volumetric paintings from Evgenia Ermilova™ paste do not require a special approach in care.
To remove dust from paintings from decorative plaster, use one of the options:

✅brush off with a dry clean synthetic brush;

✅blow out with a hairdryer in cold air mode;

✅use a vacuum cleaner with a short nozzle;

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As you can see, it is easy to take care of three-dimensional paintings in the technique of sculptural painting from texture paste. Feel free to decorate the interior with original paintings with voluminous flowers!

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