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Texture paste and plaster for sculptural painting

Texture paste and plaster for sculptural painting

Texture paste and plaster for sculptural painting

Textured acrylic paste of the Evgenia Ermilova brand or the second name decorative plaster for sculptural painting is an artistic material developed by the author of the technique specifically for three-dimensional painting. It was this material, thanks to its properties, that made it possible to make a tremendous leap in the development of sculptural painting at the beginning of its inception. What is so unique about Evgenia Ermilova™ brand texture paste that makes it special?

Текстурная паста для скульптурнои живописи.jpg

What is the main difference between Evgenia Ermilova™ texture paste and other pastes for creative?

✅Evgenia Ermilova™ paste allows you to create three-dimensional elements, 5-8 cm high when applied in a single layer. This allows you to make incredible petals in voluminous buds.

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✅The past has practically no shrinkage, and the elements become as durable as stone after drying. Even the delicate delicate petals in the buds in the paintings are actually very strong!

✅Evgenia Ermilova™ paste has good adhesion to various surfaces: wood, plywood, fiberboard, metal, glass, ceramics, canvas, rough plastic, glass and even a mirror. It can be applied immediately to the desired surface without prior priming. It is very comfortable. For example, you can create three-dimensional flowers from paste without changing the color and texture of the base, if this is the author's idea.

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✅It is not necessary to add paint to the texture paste or to color the elements after creation. The palette of Evgenia Ermilova pastes consists of 55 shades, which allows you to work with the right color at once.

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✅Evgenia Ermilova™ paste is completely ready for use.

✅The shelf life of the paste in a tightly closed package is up to 2 years. If the rules of storage and operation are followed, this period may be longer.

✅Texture paste (also known as decorative plaster) Evgenia Ermilova™ has not only become an ideal material for creating three-dimensional paintings in the technique of sculptural painting, but also brilliantly proved itself in other creative directions. Evgenia Ermilova™ paste can be used in: pasty painting, sculpture, bas-relief, any kind of modeling, mix media techniques, decoupage, stencil decor, jewelry creation, wall and furniture decor, etc.

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Evgenia Ermilova's joint project with designer Alla Balagura to create original handmade bags decorated with flowers made of texture paste.

Examples of paintings by Evgenia Ermilova made of decorative plaster (texture paste):

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