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Tips for creating a three-dimensional still life from texture paste

Tips for creating a three-dimensional still life from texture paste

Tips for creating a three-dimensional still life from texture paste

According to the definition, still life is a genre of fine art in which the artist combines inanimate objects into an integral composition. The term "still life" in translation from different languages literally means "dead nature" and "motionless life". Still lifes usually depict stationary household items: dishes, books, flowers.

Still life is considered an excellent genre for discovering the potential of a novice artist In classical painting. It is taught in art schools for the study of visual literacy and technology. And what about sculptural painting? Will a beginner cope with a voluminous still life? You need to consider what a three-dimensional still life consists of to answer this question.

Still life in sculptural painting is a symbiosis of the stages of creating a classic still life and the technique of volumetric painting with texture paste.

The artist needs to know: the technique for creating three-dimensional colors, preferably different, the rules for constructing the composition of a still life, building proportions, how to create shadows on objects and in a bouquet... It is difficult for a beginner to master all this at the same time, but the result is worth it!

Евгения Ермилова.jpg
The author is Evgenia Ermilova

Tips for creating a three-dimensional still life from texture paste:

1. Think over the theme of the still life in detail: the type of flowers, the number, the type and shape of the vase, etc.

2. When choosing the composition of a painting, start from the shape of the base: square or rectangular, vertical or horizontal, etc.

3. Do not neglect the sketch of the future picture in real size. This is a chance to see and correct the shortcomings of the composition.

4. When creating a three-dimensional still life, the artist must move in such a way that the previously created three-dimensional elements do not interfere with the following.

5. Do not forget about the chiaroscuro in the bouquet and the shadow of objects. In sculptural painting, chiaroscuro makes the volume of the buds even more expressive, the bouquet more realistic. And the shadows on the vase and on the table surface add naturalness and depth to the composition.

We have collected a selection of paintings with three-dimensional still lifes made of texture paste from certified sculptural painting teachers. 

Still lifes in the technique of sculptural painting:

Евгения Ермилова 1.jpg
The author Evgenia Ermilova @evgenia_ermilova

Анна anna_stepochkina_as.jpg
The author Anna Makeeva @anna_stepochkina_as

Татьяна tatiana.doroshenko_art.jpg
The author Tatiana Doroshenko @tatiana.doroshenko_art

Shirley sculpture_painting_china.jpg
The author Shirley @sculpture_painting_china

Timea Konopkova konopkovatimea.jpg
The author Timea Konopkova @konopkovatimea

Riny bellevanie_by_riin.jpg
The author Rini Indriani @bellevanie_by_riin

Ольга Метимаки sculptural_painting_greece.jpg
The author Olga Metimaki @sculptural_painting_greece 

Татьяна tatiana_nahodka_art.jpg
The author Tatiana Kuimova @tatiana_nahodka_art


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