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Not tinted plaster to work in the author's technique Evgenia Ermilova «Sculptural painting» color «White». White color occupies a special place among all other colors. It can not be attributed to either warm or cold. White refers to achromatic colors, that is, having no color tone. White is the only color that has a single antipode in the form of black. It belongs to the neutral range and therefore goes well with other colors. From the point of view of physics, white is a complete reflection of light rays falling on the surface of an object. Since white is a reflection of all other colors, while remaining pure, in many cultures it is a symbol of perfection and is associated with goodness and innocence. «White» is a universal plaster. It is needed to create colors, backgrounds and other three-dimensional elements. White plaster will help to receive lighter tones from other tinted plasters.
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